100% Coverage Guaranteed

At OntarioEco Home Services, all of our rental Water Heaters like any other rental equipment we provide, are backed with 100% coverage on all Parts and Labour withunlimited service calls!  Experience the peace-of-mind which comes from our “Rent to Own” program. We offer the best coverage around in the industry- call us now and live-easy!

Rent & Live-Easy!

You rely on hot water every day, yet you probably never think about the equipment that produces it; we don’t think you should either. Avoid the stress and cost of breakdown and consider upgrading your water heater to a brand new, most energy efficient and cleanest one on the market today from OntarioEco Home Services. Choose from either a conventional, Power vented or tankless water heater. It is zero cost for delivery, installation and future repairs or replacement. You simply pay a small monthly rental fee conveniently on your utility bill and we look after the rest.

Consider Tankless

tankless water heater has several benefits over a regular water heater.  Hot Water is endless and on demand, Why take the risk of running out of hot water on a cold, winter evening? Install a Tankless unit with OntarioEco Home Services, and you (and your family) will never have to worry about this again.tankless unit also operates at up to 95% energy efficiency which means you save a lot more money heating up your water than you would with a power vented tank operating at 60% energy efficiency; and the older your tank is the less energy efficient.

Energy Star Rated

Energy Star means maximized savings. OntarioEco Home Services heating and cooling equipment are all energy star rated.

Tankless and Regular Water Heaters


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